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Top smartphone driving apps

Apps have revolutionised the way we receive information, stay informed, and interact with each other. A flurry of highly useful apps have been developed with drivers in mind, making the car journey from A to B that much easier. Here are some of the best driving apps every savvy motorist should download onto their smartphone.

The Best Car Commercials of all Time

Car adverts come and go, but even with the passage of time, there are some car commercials that stick in the mind. Here are five of the best:

The legal minimum tyre tread depth

The tread on a vehicle’s tyre is designed to help it grip the road. When it’s raining, the tread removes surface water from the contact patch between the road and the tyre, allowing you to steer, accelerate and brake effectively. Having tyres with good tread depth is vital for safety on the road, and to ...


The GPS Journey

The global positioning system, or GPS, is an indispensable feature of modern life for many people, yet it’s not such a recent invention – it actually dates back nearly 60 years.


Prescription Drugs and Driving

Driving under the influence of drugs is taken very seriously by the law and tough new rules were enforced in 2015 to punish those who get behind the wheel with illegal or certain legal drugs in their system.

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