Month: December 2013


Outsource Fleet Management

In the growing trend of outsourcing fleet management companies lies the all-important question, is it worth it? The short answer, yes. Companies like ours are focused on managing fleets, which taught us the best ways to handle the logistics and finances. This way, it can potentially earn your business more revenue by identifying problems before ...


Is fleet management the right choice for your business?

Certain businesses can make better use of fleet management services compared to others, but is it the right choice for your company? We made this post to help owners decide if utilising a fleet management company’s services will reap the most benefits in terms of efficiency and profit.


Fleet Management in demand in Europe

Fleet management systems (FMS) is highly in demand throughout countries in Europe like France, Germany,the UK, Italy and Benelux, with 70 percent of fleet managers aware about FMS – 37 percent are using them, with 33 percent testing them. Generally, fleet owners are optimistic toward FMS, and 35 percent of respondents within a recent Frost ...

Fleet Management: Ideal for SMEs

Small and medium enterprises can have difficulty managing their company car fleet. They simply don’t have the resources, and the experience, plus, business car management can be a hugely time-consuming affair. For SMEs with a large fleet of company cars, it can get rather hectic for these businesses. Thankfully, there are fleet management options for SMEs: