Fleet Management: Ideal for SMEs

Small and medium enterprises can have difficulty managing their company car fleet. They simply don’t have the resources, and the experience, plus, business car management can be a hugely time-consuming affair. For SMEs with a large fleet of company cars, it can get rather hectic for these businesses.

Thankfully, there are fleet management options for SMEs:

  • Hire a dedicated fleet manager;
  • Manage multiple lines of credit in-house;
  • Outsource to a fleet management specialist/company

To choose the best method for managing SME fleets, each option should be weighed according to the benefits they offer.

Hire a fleet manager

A fleet manager is a dedicated employee who manages the company car fleet in-house. Training costs and time means employing one will not be cheap – a job likes this requires someone with enough experience and a variety of skills.

Aside from the costs that go along with hiring a new employee, the whole company has to adjust to accommodate him, particularly the senior management and/or prime level members within the business.

Managing multiple lines of credit in-house

As an alternative to a dedicated fleet manager, several SMEs assign someone else, most likely company directors, the task of acquiring additional company cars for most of their business operations.

Many SMEs chose not to sign an exclusivity agreement with one leasing company. They do this so they can keep their options open, and find the best car leasing deals in other companies.

This is often time consuming for the assigned staff as they have to consider at least three leasing companies in their calculations.  They have to ensure that their quotations are thoroughly checked to make sure they are receiving the best deal.

Outsource to a fleet management specialist/company

Considering the above two procedures, outsourcing to any fleet management company is a method to remove the management burden from an SME, while still making certain the company cars are properly cared for.

There are a lot of fleet management companies offering such an outsourcing opportunity in order to SMEs.
It’s important to choose a fleet management company that understands your company. Many fleet management companies are knows how to deal with large fleets connected to major corporate clients with several cars and vans in their records, but it’s not the same for SMEs. They have to know the particulars of SMEs so they can work at their most efficient.


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