Fleet Management in demand in Europe

Fleet management systems (FMS) is highly in demand throughout countries in Europe like France, Germany,the UK, Italy and Benelux, with 70 percent of fleet managers aware about FMS – 37 percent are using them, with 33 percent testing them. Generally, fleet owners are optimistic toward FMS, and 35 percent of respondents within a recent Frost & Sullivan survey consider it an absolute must.

For larger fleets, they are keener to adopt these solutions compared to small and medium fleets. This indicates a lack of awareness on the benefits offered by FMS for SMEs, according to the researchers.

Frost & Sullivan’s new customer research study, “2012 European Navy Managers’ Willingness to pay for FMS, ” summarizes the findings from the survey of 155 decision-makers and also key influencers regarding FMS in European countries. The research uncovered that fleet managers are satisfied with the FMS currently offered. In fact, productivity and fast security – two of the top three standards used during their research – exceeded expected goals. On the other hand, fleet managers are dissatisfied with the insurance premiums and the lack of new services in vehicle funding options.

Presently, vehicle management as well as fleet security and control are the most widely-used products and services in Europe. However, offering driver and order management services can help FMS vendors hold on to existing customers since 35 percent of respondents are looking to utilise these solutions for the next 36 months. ”

Key points of interest (POI) in navigation systems include gas stops, repair stations, and speed restrictions. Respondents in medium commercial vehicle (MCV) fleets were attracted to all POI with particular desire for tracking parking slots for trucks, sloping roads, and stopovers.

Interestingly, respondents indicated they would prefer managing one supplier for every solution, with two to three saying they would choose models offering prognostic engineering, which help estimate the impending failure of any vehicle.

No clear overall preference to get a particular FMS vendor type was observed, although significant vendor preferences exist in accordance with solution and region, according to this study’s authors. While respondents in Belgium, Italy and UK are definitely the, most aware of methods from truck OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), only Germany and  UK favor truck OEMs for their solutions. Fleet administrators in Italy, France and Benelux prefer specialized third-party or logistics and supply chain providers.

The survey reveals that the key decision maker for FMS acquire in fleets is usually top management. However, driver and trade unions seem to influence decisions throughout Italy and Benelux, especially in the matter of large fleets with more than 100 cars in their fleet.

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