Month: January 2014


Misconceptions about Fleet Management in the UK

Fleet management is the management of a company’s transportation fleet ranging from cars, ships, trucks and vans. Having minimal knowledge can lead to misconceptions. For us to deeper understand what fleet management is, we need to know what these misapprehensions are to clarify them once and for all. These are:


Common Rules Set by Fleet Management Companies to Drivers

Fleet management companies differ in terms of service, products, packages and business agreements. Here are the common points that included in typical business agreements that, which company drivers are required to follow in accordance to the agreement of fleet management services.


Things to Consider When Selecting A Fleet Management Company

Like many services, there are several things one must consider when choosing a fleet management company. A majority of fleet management companies available are high on resources but they lack the flexibility to mid-size fleet operations. Another important thing to consider is that many vehicle-leasing companies do more than just lease cars and offer additional ...