Common Rules Set by Fleet Management Companies to Drivers

Fleet management companies differ in terms of service, products, packages and business agreements. Here are the common points that included in typical business agreements that, which company drivers are required to follow in accordance to the agreement of fleet management services.

  • Possess a valid driver’s license. The license must be provided along with the appropriate classification and any required endorsements needed for operating the vehicle assigned to the operator.
  • Drivers are subject to a vehicle record check. If the records show a suspension or revocation of driving privileges, the driver will not be authorised to operate a vehicle.
  • Operate the company vehicles for official business only unless stated in the contract.
  • Operate the vehicle in a safe manner at all times.
  • Comply with all driving laws and regulations.
  • Maintain the vehicle in a safe operating condition.
  • Maintain the vehicle in accordance with a regular maintenance schedule.
  • Report moving violations to the Supervisor.
  • Report changes in the driver’s license.
  • Accurately complete a condition survey when turning in a company vehicle.
  • Accurately record and report vehicle mileage in accordance with company procedures.
  • Participate in required driver safety education and training programmes
  • Require all vehicle occupants to use seat belts, booster seats or other restraint devices at all times.
  • Clients are responsible for paying all moving or parking violation fines and fees.
  • Keep vehicle ID cards in the vehicle glove compartment at all times including proof of liability coverage.
  • Refrain from towing any personal equipment with company vehicle.
  • Vehicles leased cannot be altered in any way without permission.
  • Never deactivate air bags on any leased vehicles used for company business.
  • Comply with the company policy on transport of passengers.
  • Pull off the road to a safe location prior to making or receiving phone calls.
  • Never operate a device while the vehicle is moving.

In case of vehicle damage:

  • Drivers should not make verbal or written statements concerning an incident during its immediate aftermath except to law enforcement officials or representatives of the company and its agents.
  • The driver shall cooperate with representatives of the company, including insurance company personnel and obtain a written repair estimate from reputable shops or authorised dealerships as instructed. If it becomes necessary to rent another vehicle during repairs, the driver will be instructed as to provisions for a rental vehicle.
  • Police reports, witness statements or other pertinent documents should be obtained and forwarded to the company or fleet provider.
  • Report any vehicle damage to the company by the end of the day in which the incident occurred.

Operating privileges shall be revoked if:

  • Operating outside the limitations of a restricted license.
  • Driver refuses to undergo alcohol or drug testing in accordance to the company policies or as required by applicable state laws.
  • The driver’s license is revoked, suspended, withdrawn or denied.
  • Driver did not adhere to responsibilities listed above.

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