Month: February 2014


Managing Carbon In Your Fleet

Companies from different trades are now embracing carbon management for their production and also in their fleet management in response to rising energy costs, supply, and public concerns over the impacts of climate change. Let us see why many organisations are now managing their carbon impact.


Dilemmas Of Telematics In Fleet Management

Vehicle tracking can be a sensitive subject of change to your company or business drivers. For most people, any system that gathers personal data is laced with suspicions at first. Vehicle tracking is becoming an important tool in fleet management since more businesses are adopting a company car contract hire. With the proper use of ...


The ALD “threesixty” online fleet management system

Improve your fleet’s efficiency through ALD’s threesixty online fleet management system. Catered to address a fleet manager’s every possible need, the system offers several benefits to its users. While the online service is only available for our users, anyone can easily become a user and have access to many of the following advantages:

Fleet Management Decisions You May Want to Consider for Fuel Efficiency

Drivers are the experts when it comes to handling your company vehicle and they tend to prefer a wide choice when it comes to decision-making about the next company car. However, it is a known fact that choice tends to bring costs. But by simply putting sensible limits in place, a reasonable amount of savings ...


Introduction to Motor Vehicle Leasing

Leasing is a contractual agreement where a leasing company makes an asset it owns available for use by another party for a certain period of time in exchange for payment. Payments typically ranged and structure as a series of regular instalments over the period of agreed contract for lease. In many businesses, leasing plays an ...