The ALD “threesixty” online fleet management system

Improve your fleet’s efficiency through ALD’s threesixty online fleet management system. Catered to address a fleet manager’s every possible need, the system offers several benefits to its users. While the online service is only available for our users, anyone can easily become a user and have access to many of the following advantages:

Fleet manager benefits

  • Our risk management services can reduce the risks inherent in fleets by collaborating data throughout the company to plan the safest and most efficient routes. It also has resources for drivers to improve their driving.
  • Our DriveSafe Solutions is designed to establish a lasting risk reduction programme for all employees who drive on business. It includes licence checks, driver profiling, safety workshops, driver training, vehicle maintenance, accident management, journey profiling, grey fleet management, tyre safety and insurance checks.
  • Have many vehicles in your fleet, leased or owned? Our vehicle management system will allow you to handle them effectively. It also record and calculate precise data concerning vehicle usage and trip statistics. The system also dynamically tracks a vehicle’s availability and other factors such as vehicle accidents and replacements. The total costs of a particular vehicle or the entire fleet is also calculated here. Never have logistical and vehicle inventory problems again!
  • Our ProFleet2 system provides all your telematics needs – vehicle status, location, and tracking.
  • Measure the efficiency of the route as well as a vehicle’s fuel mileage through FuelEX.
  • Improve business efficiency through our comprehensive information collection system. Calculate everything important in running your business through it. Through this increased efficiency, you can reduce business costs.
  • Worried about losing your data? Don’t fret, our data is secured through our extensive security system. Even if the data has somehow been lost or damaged, our regular backups will make sure that your data will still be accessible just in case you need it.
  • Use the system to communicate throughout the business, in just one web portal.
  • The online system can be accessed wherever an internet connection is available.
  • Assign authority levels to specific users so only the ones with authorised access can modify or view critical data.

Driver benefits

  • Need to order a new company car? Drivers can view and compare vehicle specifications if they are logged in.
  • Important information like FAQs and how to guides concerning key information about practices, handling, and cars are accessible in the portal.
  • After choosing a particular car that you require, you can monitor the progress of your order in threesixty as well.

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