Month: March 2014


The Escalating Role of the Fleet Manager

With the increasing demand for fleet management from businesses and companies alike, a need for someone who will oversee the whole operation arises. Fleet managers or administrators of corporate fleet operations are responsible for the vehicle owned by the company who employed fleet management into their operation. The role of the fleet manager has transformed ...


Vehicle Tracking System as a Fleet Management Technique

A vehicle tracking system is a technologically advanced means of monitoring a company’s entire fleet of vehicles, where data is collected and assimilated through Global Positioning Systems (GPS) tracking. If a company chooses to utilise a vehicle tracking system in their fleet management, they can expect a more efficient and profitable business. It may be ...


Self-driven Cars: The Future of Fleet Management?

If you are up-to-date on the latest vehicle and technology news, you may have heard about self-driven cars. These cars, like their name implies, are fully automatic and requires no input from the “driver”, aside from planning a destination.

Tips to Save Further on Your Company Vehicle Expenses

Companies employ the need for fleet management for the simple reason of saving resources such as time, effort and money. However, even if it is properly executed, there are still some points to remember in order for you to save further.