Vehicle Tracking System as a Fleet Management Technique

A vehicle tracking system is a technologically advanced means of monitoring a company’s entire fleet of vehicles, where data is collected and assimilated through Global Positioning Systems (GPS) tracking. If a company chooses to utilise a vehicle tracking system in their fleet management, they can expect a more efficient and profitable business. It may be costly to have a vehicle tracking system in place but this can be outweighed by savings, increased productivity and better service. Here are some of the benefits of having a vehicle tracking system in your fleet management.

Quickly addresses the issue of vehicular theft

A vehicle tracking system is specifically designed to detect the movement of a vehicle, which could lead to a fast response and speedy recovery of the vehicle. Some insurance companies offer vehicle insurance discounts on vehicles equipped with a GPS tracking system.

Can instantly alert you to emergency situations

A vehicle tracking system alerts the control centre as soon as a vehicle is involved in an accident; thus, emergency services could be quickly despatched. It can also serve as a signal for search and rescue teams if the vehicle is hidden from sight.

Helps improve your company’s reputation

Company vehicles are a visible representation of your company on the road, especially if the vehicle displays your company name and logo. A vehicle tracking system will help to ensure that your vehicles are not speeding excessively and damaging your company’s reputation in the process.

Detects unauthorised use of your company vehicle

One of the biggest problems in fleet management is the unauthorised use of company vehicles by the staff for their personal and private use. A vehicle tracking system will give you the pertinent data that effectively puts you in a position to take appropriate action to prevent your staff from abusing company property. The wear and tear and fuel consumption of unauthorised use greatly affects the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Adds safety and contributes certain crime prevention factors

Vehicle tracking systems allow fleet managers to properly decide on appropriate routes to avoid potential issues like high risk crime areas. This assures your drivers of their personal safety, thereby helping build a greater level of trust between the driver and the management.

Provides a detailed report and history trail

Detailed reports and history trails can show where efficiencies can be achieved. It also provides the total running cost of each individual vehicle, with information on cheaper alternative routes.

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