The Escalating Role of the Fleet Manager

With the increasing demand for fleet management from businesses and companies alike, a need for someone who will oversee the whole operation arises. Fleet managers or administrators of corporate fleet operations are responsible for the vehicle owned by the company who employed fleet management into their operation. The role of the fleet manager has transformed dramatically in recent years. To give you a glimpse into what they do, here are the main areas of management they have to administer.


Working with company drivers is a different game. A week of smooth driving can be interrupted with an accident the following week and the next thing you know a driver is out for an extended period. They are apparently the most fragile aspect of mobilising a motor vehicle. Fleet managers should facilitate training courses in order to improve fuel efficiency and safety. They should develop, maintain and adhere to disciplinary procedures and driver orientation programs.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel management cannot be understated, as it is one of the biggest expenses in fleet management for most companies and businesses. Fuel efficiency, the plausibility of conversion to LPG vehicles and carbon management are some of the questions that a fleet manager has to answer, address and overcome.


This can be the most difficult area of management for the fleet manager, since it involves a huge amount of money. The acumen of choosing the right vehicles and equipment for the company is an important skill. A thorough research should be done in this area, since this can be a vulnerable part of fleet management. Vehicle licensing and registrations should also be managed by the fleet manager.

Fleet Maintenance

In order to achieve their optimum performance, fleet vehicles will benefit from regular maintenance, depending on the schedule set by the fleet manager. They should also supervise the maintenance for proper assessment. Choosing a reliable partner for maintenance can be a challenge which will really test the capabilities of a fleet manager. Researching the availability of parts and parts inventory is also under the care of the fleet manager.

Vehicle Solutions

The over-all performance of the vehicle solutions, such as telematics, should be monitored closely by the fleet manager. Data and solution errors should be addressed accordingly, since it can be a matter of the driver and employee’s safety that could be compromised.

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