Month: April 2014


5 Best Practises Your Fleet Manger Should Keep in Mind

As the demand for fleet management services rise, so does the need for effective fleet managers. The effectiveness of fleet managers reflects on the production and cost-cutting opportunities for you and your business. There are a few practises that can make your fleet manager a highly effective one. These practises are best when applied accordingly ...


Fleet Management: Repair and Maintenance

To achieve effective and sustainable fleet management, it is very important to make sure that every aspect is given sufficient attention, especially repair and maintenance. In fact, fleet management can gain many benefits and opportunities when this specific field maximises its resources, while implementing environmentally friendly practices.


Concerns about Alternative Fuels

All this talk of alternative fuel has caught the attention of fleet managers everywhere but the important question remains… Are they worth it? Supporters will advocate the many benefits of alternative fuels but the primary concern of enterprises is their effect on the fleet and what they can get out of it in the end. ...