Concerns about Alternative Fuels

All this talk of alternative fuel has caught the attention of fleet managers everywhere but the important question remains… Are they worth it?

Supporters will advocate the many benefits of alternative fuels but the primary concern of enterprises is their effect on the fleet and what they can get out of it in the end. Alternative fuels are certainly a welcome addition to fleet management but there are dilemmas that need to be addressed before alternative fuels see wider use.

Sustainability: The primary problem

One of the major concerns of alternative fuel is its sustainability. Those on the cautious side consider alternative fuels a consumer fad that will fade in the future. It would be problematic if the whole fleet was converted to accommodate alternative fuel and suddenly alternative fuels become unpopular. While this may not be an immediate problem, it will be in the future, as the numbers of alternative fuel stations dwindle down to nothing.

However, the future favours alternative fuel because of the mounting importance of going green in all sectors and most importantly, due to the fact that fossil fuel will eventually become expensive until depleted.

Availability of alternative fuel stations

Another problem is that re-fuelling sources might not be present on some routes, requiring the fleet manager to plan routes differently. Some of their common routes might not be possible at all because alternative fuel stations may not be available along the route. Traditional cars don’t have this problem because fuel stations are widely available, covering most major routes.

One way to solve this problem is the use of hybrid vehicles, giving access to two sources of fuel. Sadly, this might not be an option for most fleets because these hybrid vehicles are usually more expensive than traditional cars.

In summary, the outlook looks good for alternative fuel

While everything we’ve mentioned may seem negative and supports fossil fuel, there’s no sign of alternative fuels going out of fashion anytime in the future. We expect that they’ll become more popular, as technology becomes more advanced and concerns for the environment persist. Presently, alternative fuel sources should be considered as just that, an alternative. Fleet managers, however, should not discount their importance in the future.

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