Fleet Management: Repair and Maintenance

To achieve effective and sustainable fleet management, it is very important to make sure that every aspect is given sufficient attention, especially repair and maintenance. In fact, fleet management can gain many benefits and opportunities when this specific field maximises its resources, while implementing environmentally friendly practices.

Importance of general maintenance

General maintenance in fleet management means having engines that are tuned properly. It also involves ensuring that tyres are aligned and inflated correctly. This is also the time when clogged air filters are often replaced.

When it comes to general maintenance, it is important to consider the possibility of re-treading tyres rather than totally replacing them. This will not only be a great environmental practice but it can also save money.

It is also advisable to follow the instructions and recommendations of a vehicle manufacturer, regarding when a vehicle should be scheduled for an oil change and other similar inspections.

Things to consider in terms of repair and maintenance products

The kind of products that are used in repairing or maintaining a vehicle are vital in making sure that it will perform efficiently. For instance, when it comes to motor oil, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s advice. It is also recommended to use oil filters which are re-usable.

To be more environmentally-friendly, it is better to use products which are made from recycled materials or those that are recyclable. Also, instead of using aerosol cans, it is much better to replace them with spray bottles that are refillable.

Cleaning and maintenance

The shop itself needs to be cleaned regularly to enable proper maintenance of the fleet vehicles. Spills on the floor must be dried up immediately. It is best to follow the EPA guidelines to reduce the risk of contamination and water volume.

Proper repair and maintenance in fleet management can save money and even increase fuel efficiency. It is also a way to extend vehicle life, while lessening the need for constant repairs.

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