5 Best Practises Your Fleet Manger Should Keep in Mind

As the demand for fleet management services rise, so does the need for effective fleet managers. The effectiveness of fleet managers reflects on the production and cost-cutting opportunities for you and your business. There are a few practises that can make your fleet manager a highly effective one. These practises are best when applied accordingly and can make a difference for you and your business.

Documenting Everything Substantial

The technology today paved way to affordable data storage. Cloud services are starting to reach full heights so there are no excuses for not knowing where your fleet information is. Important documents such as work orders, invoices, driver files, receipts, records, product manuals should be stored and kept in one centralised location or database. It should also be accessible from any Internet-connected device like smart phones, tablets and computers. If your office still uses file folders, it may be the right time for you to upgrade.

Keeping up with Technological Advances

Fleet technology improves really fast because of technology. Keeping up to date on what is new and the latest developments will help you to make the most out of your fleet management services. Try to join associations, real trade publications and research will help you keep up properly. Alternative fuels before was seen to be a long shot, may be within your reach and might help you reduce your fleet costs.

Measuring Every Important Metrics

For you to get your desired goals for your fleets, you need the correct, precise and accurate data. If you can’t, how will you see the improvements you set from the start? The cost for metric should be one of your top priorities.

Goals and Expectation Setting to Drivers

Some fleet managers and companies give incentive to drivers who show good performance. Efficient fleet operation, vehicle condition inspection and mileage savings can be the benchmark for your incentive program. This may not work for everybody but goal setting for your fleet management can only be achieved if everybody participates, especially the drivers.

Proactive Over Reactive Safety Management

There are many distractions and safety hazards your drivers face every day. It is always a good idea to prevent and get ahead of these hazards. Don’t wait until someone pays dearly because you just want to save. Investment may cause you a pinch in the budget but the alternative is always going to be a slap.

These are just some of the best practises your fleet manager should keep in mind. After all you hired them for one reason: to safely and effectively manage your fleet. Proper training and the best of their abilities will surely help you, your fleet and your company.

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