Month: May 2014


Vehicle Funding: What Solution Suits You Best?

Be it a small or a large fleet, managing a fleet would always require expert management to cut off expensive costs. Keep in mind that different types of vehicle funding have different tax implications. The difference may also depend on the type of vehicles being managed. Still, vehicle solutions will always depend on what your ...


Why is ALD Automotive the One?

It is true that the number speaks for itself when it comes to the question “Why should I choose ALD Automotive?” The 1 million mark proves that ALD is indeed a big name in the fleet management world. Of course, ALD wouldn’t reach that high number if not for the things that the company stands ...


Contract Purchase

Contract hire or vehicle leasing may not be enough for some businesses, with a few preferring to own the vehicle themselves; however, purchasing vehicles outright may take up too much capital, particularly for small and medium enterprises. To resolve this problem, many vehicle leasing providers offer contract purchase as an alternative to contract hire and ...


Company Car vs. Car Allowance

Employers can offer flexible benefits to their employees through several perks. The most popular among employees is company cars and car allowance. If your company has not yet implemented any of these benefits, you can learn more about them and their benefits through this article.


ALD 2013 – The One Million Cars Milestone

1 million cars. 37 countries. 1 company. A milestone achieved In 2013, ALD Automotive has achieved the impressive milestone of managing one million vehicles. This signifies ALD’s dedication in providing quick and effective fleet management solutions for enterprises worldwide.