ALD 2013 – The One Million Cars Milestone

1 million cars. 37 countries. 1 company.

A milestone achieved

In 2013, ALD Automotive has achieved the impressive milestone of managing one million vehicles. This signifies ALD’s dedication in providing quick and effective fleet management solutions for enterprises worldwide.

  • 1,008,840 vehicles are currently being managed by ALD, showing an average growth of 5.6% in full service leasing and fleet management.
  • This growth allowed us to go past the 1 million milestone – most of the vehicles are from Europe (949,697), France (315,572), Germany (123,378), Italy (170,620). UK (97,313), Belgium (63,339), Spain (49,779), and the Netherlands (24,605). Our focus isn’t only in Europe however, as our services are thriving in emerging national economies like in BRICS.

The reasons behind our success

The results speak for themselves, and one million customers can’t go wrong.

  • The focus on building international partnerships across 37 countries was one of the factors in our success. We targeted manufacturers and banks, resulting in a growing portfolio of manufacturer partnerships and bank partnerships.
  • Most of our growth can be credited to improvements in providing quality service, research and investing in new products, and extensive planning and implementation. Our efforts in improving customer service and rapport were definitely influential to our progress. We’ve also developed better online services to help our customers configure their cars.
  • Networking and building relationships with excellent manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Our investments in fleet management technology have been vital to our success – telematics, web tools, and smart-phone solutions are just some of the driving factors into innovating and advancing technology. For example, our telemetry systems have provided better information to fleet managers, allowing them to manage their fleet and make adjustments accordingly.

What’s next for ALD?

We expect that Southern and Eastern Europe will balance out sometime in the future, while Western European markets will grow. For 2014, we’re planning to improve our services and products to attract new customers and keep older customers satisfied. We’re also aiming to establish new markets in Belarus and Bulgaria, as well as South America, North Africa, and Asia.

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