Month: July 2014


Vehicle Safety: Weather

The erratic weather conditions in the UK continue to challenge everyone, especially drivers; many accidents have occurred as a result of unpredictable changes in the weather. To reduce incidents, we implore everyone to read this guide to prepare themselves for the challenges ahead, before agreeing to a vehicle leasing contract for personal or business use. ...


The Dangers of Inadequate Vehicle Insurance for Your Business

Business vehicle insurances are supposed to protect your assets and your business in case an accident happens. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a small business enterprise managing a single vehicle or a large company that manages an entire fleet. If you’re thinking of cutting off on vehicle insurance as a form of smart vehicle ...


Why ALD’s Account Managers are the Best in Business

ALD Automotive wants to make sure that every customer gets the best out of the services that they offer. That’s the reason why every customer is introduced the services of an Account Manager, who has undergone extensive training in the ways of fleet management. Our Account Managers are equipped with the perfect skills to give ...