7 Road Safety Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Leased Vehicles

7 Road Safety Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Leased Vehicles
7 Road Safety Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Leased Vehicles

Although most vehicles for hire are equipped with insurance, you have to keep in mind that they should be handled with the utmost care to avoid vehicular damage, additional costs and driving penalties.

Points to Remember

Take note of the following tips to ensure road safety and to keep your leased vehicles in good condition until the end of your contract hire:

  1. Practice careful driving. Do not exceed legal speed limits. Focus on being a law-abiding citizen to make things easier and safer for you. It will also help to avoid road penalties and driving suspension.

  1. Be mindful of road signs. Missing a simple road sign will have a big impact on your driving. Sometimes, people take U-turns on a “no U-turn slot” simply because they didn’t notice the sign. Keep in mind that ignorance of the guidelines excuses no one.

  1. Slow down when approaching pedestrian lanes. Even if there isn’t anybody crossing, you should slow down several metres from a pedestrian lane. Someone might rush out at the last minute! As the old saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’

  1. Patiently abide by the traffic lights. Refrain from beating the red light to avoid accidents, road violations and sanctions. Also bear in mind that the yellow light is a signal that the green light will soon change into red.

  1. Keep your driver’s license valid and with you at all times. Always ensure that your driver’s license is valid and with you every time you are behind the wheel. Once you are flagged down by a traffic enforcer or the authorities, the absence of a valid license or simply not having it with you will have ramifications, one of which is the possibility that the vehicle you are leasing may be impounded.

  2. Do not use any gadget while driving. You should refrain from texting, calling, checking your email and playing games while you are driving to maintain your focus on the road. Although multi-tasking is good, it limits alertness which is essential to road safety.

  3. Check the vehicle essentials to avoid any damage to the vehicle’s engine. Put enough water, oil and fuel in your vehicle at all times to avoid any complications on the leased vehicle. Also ensure there is enough brake fluid. Check that your brakes and wheels are in good working order before leaving to ensure that you can stay away from repairs and vehicular accidents.

Now that you have been reminded about these road safety tips, you may start availing a vehicle contract hire from ALD Automotive. Contact us for more details.

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