The Importance of Using GPS on Fleet Management

Importance of Using GPS on Fleet Management

Fleet management is a complicated business requiring a lot of expertise and knowledge. A vehicle leasing company’s biggest problem, aside from car maintenance, is theft.

Criminals are getting highly organised nowadays and if you’re not careful enough, your vehicle could be taken within a few seconds. A solution to counter vehicle theft is GPS or Global Positioning System. It is a satellite navigation system providing location and time information regardless of weather conditions. Details are gathered from any location, as long as it is under the scope perimeter of the satellite.

GPS can lessen the risk of car theft since the location can be easily traced and information about the movements of the car is readily available. In the event that the car hire company suspects that their car has been stolen, they can easily track it and report the incident to the authorities.

History of the Car

ALD Automotive provides fleet management services which allow the client to view the history of the car through an easy-to-read GPS report. That way, the clients are able to attest the quality of the car and its performance, including the number of times it has undergone maintenance. The actual mileage that the car had travelled is also provided.

 Quick Response

Aside for security purposes for the company, using GPS is also helpful for the clients. Once a hired vehicle has encountered problems, for example, the car breaks down at an inappropriate time, the company can easily detect the issue. On the other hand, clients can also send reports to the management through the system itself. If this happens, the company can perform the necessary actions as quickly as possible.

 Staff Productivity

The use of GPS can also increase employee’s productivity. Since the car’s condition is well monitored, the staff can take immediate action to improve the vehicle’s performance. The GPS reports are used as a reference to help make the car more environmentally friendly, to extend its longevity and to help it perform even better.

Finding the right car hire company is hard. Quality and assurance should be well analysed by the clients before picking and negotiating with the management. ALD Automotive, as one of UK’s leading car hire companies, can provide you with the best services from the start of the negotiation. Our cars are installed with the latest and the best GPS brand on the market.

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