More Success in Business with ALD’s Trade Van Solution


ALD, one of the most reliable vehicle leasing companies in the UK, recently released its new van conversion solution called ‘Trade Van.’ This solution allows the clients to order fit-for-purpose vehicles that are made according to their needs and preferences. Here are the reasons why you should consider ALD’s Trade Van for your business:

It is flexible for your business.

ALD’s Trade Van solution is ideal for all types of businesses. Whether you are in the plumbing industry or a big pharmaceutical manufacturer, a Trade Van can serve your purpose. A Trade Van can work with different kinds of vehicles. It also allows you to include internal fittings in your vehicle such as an in-vehicle storage equipment.

The internal fittings included are durable.

ALD is in partnership with Sortimo International Group, the leading manufacturer of originally designed in-vehicle storage equipment. Sortimo provides safe and high-quality van racking systems. Flexible and durable, it will provide you with a greater loading capacity when moving things from one location to another or for deliveries. The racking system can also help you save on fuel consumption. After conversion, each vehicle will be weighed to determine the remaining load capacity of the vehicle.

It can be customised.

A Trade Van can be customised with Polyprop sides, door protection, non-slip floors and Sortimo racking. There are other options for upgrades such as roof systems, electrical equipment, bespoke signwriting and personal protective equipment. Business owners, with the help of Sortimo professionals, will be able to design their Trade Van according to their specific needs. The types of conversion are grouped according to the business industries where they are most suitable.

The founder of Trade Van (ALD) is a trustworthy company.

ALD and Sortimo have worked closely to secure the “European Whole Vehicle Type Approval” of the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). This certification proves that the products and vehicles from ALD are made of high quality materials. ALD has been in the industry since 1958.


ALD Automotive provides a wide range of vehicle solutions for everyone. Please call 087000 111 81 or visit our offices in Bristol, Northampton and Milton Keynes with your enquiries.


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