Which Fleet Management Service is Right for Me?

fleet management

ALD Automotive offers a handful of effective fleet management services.  You can determine which type of service is right for you by familiarising yourself with the three main areas of fleet management.

  • Vehicle Funding

A sub-service under the fleet management service of ALD Automotive, vehicle funding can help you cut down on maintenance and fuel costs. ALD’s team of experts uses a dynamic Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) program to identify the average funds that should be set aside for your fleet. On the other hand, if you want to avail a vehicle fleet, you can secure discounts through the Salary Sacrifice service. This allows companies to lease vehicles by reimbursing a monthly salary deduction from their employees.

  • Assistance and Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance begins with planning the availability and capability of a vehicle to travel long distances. The assistance and maintenance services of ALD Automotive provide special assistance in case of vehicle breakdown. Damaged parts will be replaced by an ALD representative. They could also help you to better handle vehicular incidents. Aside from that, this area of fleet management covers preventative measures, such as information that could serve as the client or driver’s reference in case of an accident or vehicle turbulence.

  • Health and Safety

Fleet management also prioritises health and safety. ALD Automotive provides driver coaching services and other related training to reduce the risk of vehicular accidents. Such training could also inform drivers about road safety regulations, speed limits, dos and don’ts and a lot more. All of these services are for the welfare of all parties involved – the vehicle leasing company, the client, the driver and the vehicle.


If you have more questions, please call ALD Automotive on 087000 111 81 now!

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