ALD Automotive Salary Sacrifice

Salary Sacrifice

ALD Automotive is the second biggest company car contract hire and vehicle leasing operation in Europe. We manage over 1 million vehicles across 37 countries, worldwide.

Aside from the other vehicle solutions that we offer, our Salary Sacrifice Car Arrangement can help you to motivate and inspire your employees. Salary sacrifice relates to the agreement between an employer and an employee regarding the decrease of an employee’s cash pay in exchange for a non-cash benefit of a similar value – in this case, a vehicle.

We know that one of the characteristics of a good company is its commitment to employees. One way to show commitment is by extending a car benefit which will influence and motivate your employees to work harder than ever, which can further help your company to stand out from the rest.

Our salary sacrifice car arrangement includes:

  • Tyres
  • Maintenance
  • Road tax
  • Breakdown cover
  • Motor insurance

Lease a car from us with strong fleet discount. When we say a fleet discount, this is the reduction in the cost or a discount that you or a company will receive if a group of cars has been purchased. The costs will be completely reimbursed, as your employees will be required to pay a monthly deduction from their gross salary.

We have an online quote and order system that can be used to communicate all aspects, which will guarantee minimum administration but maximum staff benefits!

Our ALD Automotive Salary Sacrifice can benefit you in so many ways:

  • It can help you to recruit and retain employees
  • It can help your employees to save both Income Tax and National Insurance
  • It can reduce the employer’s National Insurance costs (As you’re paying a lower salary due to salary sacrifice, you will pay lower National Insurance Contributions or NICs)
  • It offers a bigger and better fleet size for improved manufacturer discounts
  • It can reduce occupational road risks by offering fully maintained vehicles to all employees
  • It affords newer cars with lower CO2 emissions, which will support sustainability
  • A voluntary all-employee benefit offers equal access to a company car
  • Employees will be able to afford brand new and fully maintained cars

ALD guarantees total fleet management flexibility and complete outsourcing operations. We are widely known as one of the industry’s leading providers of company car contract hire and vehicle leasing services. If you are interested in the ALD Automotive Salary Sacrifice option, you can contact us on 0117 908 2000 and at


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