What benefits can the ALD Automotive Finance Lease offer?


It is a balloon lease

An arrangement wherein the rent is low at the beginning, higher in the middle and lower again at the end, a balloon lease could also be low at the beginning and high at the end. You can choose between paying the entire capital cost at the beginning or at the end of the agreement.

It is the simplest form of lease

Its goal is to simply provide funding for your chosen vehicle. A simple and straight forward finance lease option is all you need.

It is a fully amortised lease

Amortisation is paying off a debt over time through systematic payments. Having a fully amortised lease will help you to pay your loans on a monthly basis, including interest. Every payment reduces the loan balance until the loan is paid off. This makes it easy to keep track of your money.

It will benefit the lessee if resale values are higher than expected

By the end of the agreement, the vehicle can be sold to a third party. This permits the customer to benefit from any available equity. If your chosen vehicle depreciates more slowly than the others, you will have a good chance of getting half of your money back or more.

Regular monthly payments assist cash-flow

Monthly payments are lower than a car purchase. By having a low cost fixed monthly payment, you have the benefit of allocating a larger part of your income to other expenses or necessities.

VAT is recoverable on the purchase price of the vehicle

You can recover up to 50% of the VAT payments if your company is VAT registered. However, if your company is not VAT registered, you will have the option to spread out your VAT costs through the term period of the lease by including them in your monthly rental.



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