Telematics Applications in the Automotive Industry

Telematics Applications in the Automotive Industry

What is a Telematics System?

Telematics is not a new concept. Quite the contrary, as during the 90’s it was initially viewed by drivers as ‘‘spies in the cab’’ because of its ability to track and trace vehicles and drivers and deliver a raft of online management report information.

A Global Positioning System or GPS plays an important role in vehicle safety communications; it is the system that guides the vehicle and driver to reach their destination safely. GPS receivers also help drivers to navigate back to a starting point without the use of maps.

Telematics systems are combined applications of telecommunications and informatics in wireless technology that can empower individuals and businesses alike.

Applications of Telematics Systems

1. Trailer Tracking – used to track the location and position of a vehicle’s unit with a location unit attached to the trailer, this allows business owners to track their deliveries, especially when customers are asking for updates.

2. Vehicle Tracking – vehicle owners can track the position of their vehicle/s using GPS or radio technology to automatically track and record its progress. Usually used to manage larger fleets, this tracking can be attained through a GPS/GSM receiver and a transmitter in the vehicle

3. Container Tracking – this tracking system is used to locate the actual location of the container. Container tracking helps to increase the security of each container, especially if the business owner is operating on a larger scale. It reschedules the movements of the shipment based on customer requirements.

4. Cold Store – cold storage monitoring can be achieved through the use of advanced wireless network technology. It is used to determine the current temperature of the cold storage and analyse any variations from time to time.

5. Vehicle Mileage Capture – an important telematics application, this system helps to determine the total distance travelled by a car and the history of its destinations. It is also capable of detecting any vehicular problems.

6. Intelligent Vehicle Technologies – this technology can provide a solution to traffic accidents and potential dangers on the road. With an emergency warning system that is very beneficial to drivers, Intelligent Vehicle Technology is a system that includes communication between the vehicle and infrastructures.


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