The Benefits of ALD ProFleet2 Telematics

benefits of telematics

ALD Automotive Profleet2 is an in-vehicle telematics system for businesses, fleet managers and drivers. Designed to help fleets cut operating costs and to reduce their carbon footprint, it was launched in 2004 and installed in over 20,000 vehicles.

Profleet2 has recently been enhanced with a GPS version. Today, it is considered as the most cost effective telematics solution available in the UK vehicle leasing market.

Benefits of ALD Automotive Profleet2 Telematics

1. Accurate Mileage Capture

ALD Profleet2 telematics helps to track and record the driver’s journey, whether it is for employee car ownership or for business mileage reimbursements. This system gives you accurate mileage data taken directly from the vehicle.

2. Vehicle Recovery

Did you know that stolen company cars and vans worth £1.7m have been returned to their drivers because of ALD Automotive’s unique ProFleet2 telematics system? This is because ALD’s fleet services team have been able to activate the system’s locator function immediately. Profleet2 allows location verification that can provide more details about the theft or a collision incident. It also helps police officers to retrieve complete descriptions of stolen vehicles.

3. Journey Reporting

Profleet2 provides a correct recording of the driver’s journey, allowing them to comply with the HMRC guidelines on expenses rights and submissions. After registering their units online, drivers can easily access an exclusive suite of reports covering all journeys undertaken; this information is accessed through a unique website.

4. Manage your Footprint

An accurate measurement of a fleet’s carbon footprint is important, especially when you are dealing with vehicle efficiencies and cutting costs. Profleet2 provides an accurate record of the company’s carbon footprint, also helping to identify inflated or false mileage claims.

5. Efficient Environmental Management

Measuring your carbon footprint and taking action to reduce it will have positive environmental benefits; your company will be able to increase profit margins by reducing fuel consumption. This will also demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to the environment.

6. Minimise Driver Fatigue

A study shows that fatigue-related crashes are more likely to result in fatality than serious personal injury. Through ALD ProFleet2 telematics, fleet managers can monitor the journey habits of the drivers. This will determine whether they are taking regular breaks, helping to ensure that they are not putting themselves or other road users at risk.


ProFleet2 telematics is the ideal solution for reducing fleet costs, enhancing driver support and implementing management control. As one of the UK’s largest fleet management companiesALD Automotive provides cost effective telematics solutions for your fleet. For more information about our services, please call 01179 082000.


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