Must-Have Accessories for your Company Leased Cars

Must-Have Accessories for your Company Leased Cars

Company car leasing services help businesses to achieve improved productivity by offering not just ideal vehicle solutions but also highly efficient cars. For enhanced convenience and security, you may want to consider these car accessories.

Dashboard Cameras

Dashboard cameras provide numerous benefits. Recording all road activity, this information can be used as evidence when it comes to accidents, reporting irresponsible drivers or even catching the culprits. They can also assist you when parking.

GPS (Global Positioning System)

A GPS system will map out routes from your location to your next destination. In case your car has been stolen, the authorities can easily identify the definite location of your vehicle if it is equipped with GPS.

USB Car Charger


Most people own smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. A USB car charger allows you to charge your electronic devices, even when you’re on the road; it is also convenient during emergencies.

Dashboard Sticky Mat

Including mobile phones, keys, sunglasses, etc., we all throw things on the dashboard.  Loose items rarely stay put when the car is moving so the easiest way to keep them in place is by using a dashboard sticky mat.

Steering Wheel Tray

Using a laptop or eating can be a more comfortable and convenient experience with a steering wheel tray. You can also use it for writing or drawing.

Road Angel Gem

This speed camera detector could save your life. Aside from spotting the presence of speed cameras to watch out for, it also informs you of the speed limits in specific areas. Including remarkable features like eAssist that allows you to easily contact an operator and ask for emergency services, a built-in laser detector and live updates if you are about to approach a hazardous area, this little gadget can prove to be invaluable to your overall safety.

Make the most of your leased company cars – travel in comfort and style with these must-have accessories that will surely make your driving experience easier and safer.

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