Leased Car Guide: How to Handle Accidents

How to Handle Accidents

Even if you take safety precautions, an encounter with an irresponsible driver can lead to horrible accidents. Vehicle leasing company ALD Automotive is responsive to your needs in these difficult situations.

Here are some guidelines you should follow:

Get the details of the driver/s involved in the accident including any witnesses

This is important so that you can give an accurate report to the authorities. Check with all the passengers and the driver and get their basic information.

Call the police

Report the incident to the police immediately, especially if there are any injuries or if you think an offence has been committed. Even if the accident has caused only minor damage, you must call the police – you will require an incident reference number which is vital to relay facts and information about the accident.

You must also report the following to the police within 24 hours:

  •  An animal has been injured
  •  Street name plates, traffic signs, lamp posts, etc. are damaged
  •  A third party failed to stop
  •  You have damaged a vehicle or property and do not have the owner’s details

Call for medical assistance when necessary

Getting involved in serious accidents is where time becomes your ultimate enemy. If anyone is badly injured, make urgent requests for medical assistance.

Do not admit liability

Your car insurance company will take care of the incident. Never offer payments.

Notify your car leasing company or your dealer

This is essential, as you will be oriented on the next steps you should take – they have certain repair requirements, so take note of them to avoid further penalties.

Take photos of the scene

This is necessary for documentation of the scene, as it will help to decipher what caused the accident.

For ALD Accident Management Customers

If you are an ALD Accident Management Service customer, then here are some key points you should keep in mind:

Call Driver Assistance and report to WNS

Driver Assistance is available 24/7. Inform them about the event and take details of anyone involved, including witnesses, using the card in your ALD leased car documentation.

You should also give accounts to WNS via the telephone in the event of an accident; it will only take about 15 minutes. If it is inconvenient at the time, they will give you or your fleet manager a call sometime after the incident.

NB: ALD Automotive has appointed WNS Assistance to provide management services for branded motor claims of existing and new customers. (Source: Fleet News)

If your ALD leased car is unresponsive

WNS will retrieve and transfer it to the nearest approved repairer. Repairs will begin within one working day, depending on your insurance company’s directions.

WNS can propose a one-day body shop repair or mobile repairs depending on how critically damaged  your car is and your company’s repair policy.

If the accident occurred during office hours

A hire vehicle could be provided so you can get to work but peak hour delivery might extend to 2 hours. Alternatively, a recovery agent will take you somewhere safe or help you to reach your office or home – this will depend on the situation.

If your vehicle can still drive without impending risks

You can decide when you want to report the event. Depending on your company policy, you may be offered a courtesy vehicle or a short term hire vehicle.

For updates, repairs and delivery

WNS will supervise the entire repair process. Your repaired car will be delivered as soon as possible, with a guarantee that it is restored to its pre-accident condition. A 5-year guarantee on all completed work is also included.

While the repair is in progress, WNS will give you updates via telephone, email or SMS. You can also speak to Driver Assistance at any time for further information.

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