Travelling Overseas With ALD Leased Cars


As one of the leading vehicle leasing and fleet management companies in the UK, ALD Automotive guarantees the finest quality solutions for your transportation needs. Whether travelling abroad for business or pleasure, vehicle leasing UK has never been easier; just keep in mind the following considerations:

Notify ALD 28 days prior to your trip

We will provide all the necessary documentation for your leased car that will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue. It is a legal requirement that you carry the appropriate authorisation documents with you for security reasons.

Other travel requirements

You must ensure that you carry these travelling essentials with you at all times:

  • International Driving Permit – this is an identity document that allows the holder to drive a private motor vehicle in any country that recognises IDPs. To be valid, the IDP must be accompanied by a valid driving licence.
  • Vehicle on Hire Certificate – for hired or leased vehicles, the hire/lease company doesn’t usually release the original Vehicle Registration Document. The Vehicle on Hire Certificate is the normal alternative, which can be carried by the driver in lieu of the original VRD.
  • GB Sticker to be displayed on your Car – if your number plates include the GB euro-symbol you will not be required to display a conventional GB sticker within the EU. On the other hand, some countries outside the EU still require a GB sticker even if you have euro-plates, so it is always a safer option to display one.
  • Insurance Certificate and your Insurance Provider’s Contact Details – it is strongly advised that leased car owners carry a copy of their vehicle insurance certificate at all times. Approval may be required by your insurance company in the event that your vehicle needs to be transported back to the UK.

Register for breakdown assistance

You can contact Driver Assistance to register for AA Fleet Europe breakdown support – they will cover mechanical breakdown up to 90 days maximum from your trip. This is applicable within mainland Europe; if you are going to Northern Ireland, you should seek help from your regular breakdown agent.

Familiarise yourself with motoring legislation employed in the country you are visiting

Traffic rules vary from country to country. To avoid facing penalties, it is important to research the motoring legislations implemented in your destination beforehand.

For instance, some countries require all motorists to possess items like:

  • France – Breathalyser kit
  • Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland – Vignette
  • Switzerland and Spain – A spare pair of spectacles

Take note that you should also bring with you an emergency kit. Warning triangles, first aid kits, high visibility vests, fire extinguishers and spare light bulbs are essential. Not complying with your country of destination’s requirements may incur a fine. Always consider their prerequisites!

In case of accidents or if the vehicle is stolen

The AA Fleet Europe will collaborate with your insurer to guarantee that any requested assistance is given. For self-insured company vehicles, recovery costs will be re-charged and may require prior authorisation from your registered insurer.

To enjoy a hassle free trip, do your homework! ALD Automotive has almost 60 years’ experience in vehicle leasing and fleet management, for both corporate and consumer markets. Call us today on +44(0) 117 908 2000 to learn more.

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