How to Maximise Leased Car Security

How to Maximise Leased Car Security

For motorists, security should always be a topmost priority – especially with leased cars. As the security trends become more complex, criminals are developing their cunning tactics to commit car theft. With that in mind, motorists should make a habit of keeping themselves up to speed with the latest dirty tactics – the secret is to outsmart them!

Familiarise yourself with your car’s existing security features

Read your user manual thoroughly; you might discover other security features that you were previously unaware of. Learn how to properly use your car’s security features to make the best of them.

Equip your cars with additional security devices

A car’s standard security features may not be sufficient. You may want to consider installing additional security devices such as:

  • Immobilisers – this device makes sure that the engine will only run if the correct key is being used. Mechanical immobilisers are low-cost and their presence can discourage amateur thieves. If you have enough in the budget, you may also want to try electronic immobilisers.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) – this will help to track your car in case it is stolen.

If your car is frequently parked on your driveway and out in the open, you might want to invest in CCTV or motion detector lighting. If you have your own garage, you may want to equip it with an alarm.

Always double check your locks

Or even triple check them! Listen for your car lock’s click and pull your door handle to check the car is locked before you walk away. Although modern cars automatically lock after being left for a while, some car thieves approach their prospect vehicles immediately after the owners have left.

Never put items on display

Don’t ever tempt a thief! Hide your valuables, even if you only intend to leave your car for a few minutes. Thieves might also think that you are trying to conceal something underneath coats or in bags, so also keep them out of sight.

Make sure your important documents are secured to prevent identity theft.

Park in the appropriate place

Always choose a well-lit parking space; parking under a street lamp is perfect as this will maintain your car’s visibility throughout the night. Park your car as close to home as possible.

Always park your vehicle near the threshold of an establishment. When parking at restaurants, leave your car where you can see it from inside. Don’t park in dubious places, even if it does seem more convenient at the time.

Be wary of your number plates

In case your number plates got stolen, report the incident immediately to the police – they may be used to the thief’s advantage. Your plates might be fixed to another vehicle for the purpose of committing a crime – reporting the loss will save you from being accused of crimes you did not commit.

Keep your keys secure

Keep your keys safe from sticky fingers! They are safer in your pockets if you have an accessory that secures them to your clothing. Otherwise, keep you keys in a pocket that is more difficult to pick.

Never leave your keys unattended. As much as possible, keep them in your possession at all times.

In case of theft:

Call the police

Immediately report your situation to the police so they can assist you in locating your stolen car. Inform them about your car model and colour, its vehicle identification number and your plate number.

Notify your insurance provider

Let them know that your leased car has been stolen as they will cover the expenses in case the vehicle is not recovered.

Report the loss to your leasing company

Inform them that your leased car has been stolen so that appropriate action can be taken.

Amplify your security measures. Get the better of thieves by putting into practice our crime prevention approaches.

As one of the leading vehicle leasing companies, ALD Automotive offers excellent support services to keep your leased cars safe and secure, 24/7. For more information, please call 01179 082000.


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