Unintentional Damage to Your ALD Leased Car


We all have different driving habits but we are not always aware that some of our traits are damaging to our leased cars:

Wrong gear selection in manual transmission

Wrong gear selection can put a lot of tension on your car engine. If your gear is too high, it stresses the bottom end of the engine around the crank and con rods. If your gear is too low, it burdens the top end of the engine around the valves, cams and lifter since you are accelerating more than you should be.

Depleting car fuels

Many people still practice running their cars on empty – this is quite alarming because it can greatly affect the car and put lives in danger. If the car’s fuel supply is almost depleted, the fuel pump will draw in dirt from the fuel tank. This can result in blocked and damaged fuel injectors, which will eventually lead to a blown engine when the dirt enters the combustion chamber.

It is important to keep your fuel tank over quarter full at all times.

Prolonged parking in direct sunlight

Sometimes this is inevitable, especially if you are in a public parking space. However, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause damage to your car’s interiors like split seats and cracked dashes – it is also known to drain the battery!

Slamming your brakes on unnecessarily

Stopping abruptly not only doubles up on your fuel consumption, it can also cause your brake pads and rotors to wear out more quickly, damaging the drivetrain components. Worse, it can lead to transmission damage if you are a repeat offender!

Travelling with over/under-inflated tyres

Improper tyre pressure can lead to several problems like decreased fuel economy, reduced braking, imbalanced tyre wear and wheel alignment issues.

Bear in mind the recommended tyre pressure enclosed in your car manual.

Not slowing down when passing over road hazards

Not reducing your speed when travelling over speed bumps or other road obstacles can kill your shocks and suspension and damage your car’s undercarriage.

Resting your hands on your hand brake

Cut this bad habit out – it only causes unnecessary wear and tear.

Postponing regular car maintenance

It is important not to delay your car maintenance to prevent your engine’s crucial parts from damage or failure. Timely maintenance checks will also ensure that you are safe on the road and it will help to keep your leased car in good shape until your contract expires.

As your vehicle leasing provider, we recommend that you make sure that all servicing and maintenance work is carried out by an authorised dealer and that both a full service history and a valid MOT certificate are kept up to date. Is your car in need of a check-up?  Give us a call and we will organise a maintenance schedule for you. For more information, please click here.

Driving a dirty car

Not cleaning and waxing your car regularly may cause your car’s exterior to deteriorate by attracting corrosion.

Some cleaning agents may have an adverse effect on your car, so only use those that have been recommended.


As the saying goes “if you look after your car, your car will look after you”. So, be a responsible driver and your car will never let you down.

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