Distraction-Free Driving for a Safer Journey

distraction-free driving

As we now live in a fast paced environment where multi-tasking has become the norm, distraction free driving can be a definite challenge! Whether you are out on a quick errand or going for a long drive, it is imperative that you keep your eyes and focus on the road.

Tidy your car

Secure everything in the vehicle before you drive; loose objects that move around or fall from the seats can cause unwanted distractions.


Tweak your mirrors, seats, temperature controls and sound systems. Also, set up your GPS or your Sat Nav before you embark on your journey!

Do not eat

As much as possible, try not to eat while you are behind the wheel; if it can’t be helped, ensure that your snacks are easy to handle – to avoid any messy interruptions.

Secure your children or pets

Unruly children or wandering pets can result in some risky manoeuvres! If they need your attention, always park the car first.

Put away your gadgets – especially phones!

Bear in mind that using mobile phones or similar devices while driving is illegal in the UK! A split second distraction from driving can lead to serious accidents.  For urgent matters, you can always use Bluetooth!

Seek assistance from your passengers

Do yourself a favour and let your passengers assist you! Let them adjust your temperature controls, change the music or get something from your bag.

Keep your composure

Road rage can be inevitable at times. However, getting upset with reckless drivers can only steer your concentration further away. Try to remain calm!

Stay 100% vigilant at all times

Keep your eyes on the road, with both hands on the wheel and your mind on full alert; this drill will always help you to arrive safely at your destination.


As a leading vehicle leasing provider in the UK, ALD Automotive has your safety in mind. In case of any emergency, please contact Driver Assistance on 08000 32 32 77.


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