The Fair Wear and Tear Standard for Your Leased Car’s Exterior

The Industry Fair Wear & Tear Standard for Drivers of Leased and Financed Cars is a guide that provides the industry-wide accepted standard for the general upkeep of your ALD leased car – this is to ensure that leased vehicles are returned in an acceptable condition at the end of a lease or finance agreement.

Part of ALD’s fleet management service is to ensure that vehicles are maintained to a suitable standard, in-line with the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association’s members and independent market experts’ review.

Here are some things you need to remember:


It is important to ensure that the vehicle’s exterior is presentably clean for a detailed inspection.

Paintwork, Body, Bumpers and Trims

The vehicle should be without rust, corrosion or discolouration on any painted area of the car’s exterior – this includes the bumpers, body moulding and mirrors.

When it comes to repaired chips, scratches and dents, they are still very much acceptable – provided that these repairs were completed to a professional standard and within the provisions of the warranty.

Marks and evidence of poor repair work and a sub-standard finish is unacceptable and will incur additional costs upon the return of the vehicle.


The standard allows and accepts small areas of chipping – including door edge chipping. If the affected areas warrant the entire panel to be repainted or repaired, the damage is deemed unacceptable.


Dents up to 10mm in diameter are accepted. However, the standard cannot accept more than two dents per panel. Also, the paint surface should not be broken.


Scratches, abrasion or any kind of scraping are acceptable in-line with the vehicle’s age and mileage and provided that the base metal is not exposed or showing.

Moulding, Wheel Arch Trims

The standard allows for scuffs and scratches up to 25mm – given that the moulding or trim is not broken or deformed.

Badges and Labels

Badges, labels, logos and other design stickers applied by the customer to the bodywork must be removed before the vehicle’s return. The removal of badges, logos and other livery must be handled by a professional – ensuring that the vehicle is returned back to its original colour and condition.

Any damage caused by fitting or removing, such as add-ons, is not acceptable.

Soft and Hard Top Convertibles

Convertible roofs must remain fully functional and damage-free. The rear window must also be free from wrinkles and creases. Any accessories that were originally supplied must be present and in perfect working condition.

The Fair Wear and Tear Standard was not created to complicate matters but rather to ensure that both ALD and BVRLA’s valued customers can expect a high level of professionalism and integrity when it comes to the renting or leasing of their vehicles.

Your ALD leased vehicle should be in pristine condition when you return it!

If you have further questions about your car’s exterior, parts and other functions, simply contact ALD Automotive on +44(0) 117 908 2000.

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