An Easy-to-Remember Tyre Pressure Guide for Your ALD Leased Car


As a reputable vehicle leasing company, ALD Automotive guarantees that every customer will be handed the keys to a thoroughly checked vehicle; but it stills pays dividends for the client to double check it themselves – including the tyres.

Often overlooked, tyre pressure can be vital to your overall safety on the trip ahead. This simple tyre pressure guide will help you to get it right:

  • Know your car’s intended tyre pressure. You can refer to the manufacturer’s tyre placard that can be found inside the driver’s door sill, glove box or under the bonnet.
  • Always check the pressure while the tyres are still cold; tyre pressures have the tendency to increase when they are hot.
  • Upon checking the cold readings, compare them with the recommended tyre pressures from your placard.
  • If your vehicle is loaded with heavy luggage or numerous passengers, the general rule is to add 28kpa (4psi) to the tyre pressure. Be wary not to overinflate your tyres by more than 280 kpa (40 psi), as this can increase the pressure – you should ask for assistance if you are unsure.
  • Driving at high speeds (120km/h) can wear out your tyres twice as fast. The same goes with underinflated tyres – you will be running the risk of reducing the tyre life by up to 30%.

More than providing the best vehicle leasing service in the UK, we also like to keep our customers well-informed about the whole driving experience! Get to experience the ALD Automotive difference today by phoning us on +44(0) 117 908 2000.


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