Drive the Quality: ALD’s Awards and Accreditations

The following awards and accreditations prove why our vehicles are well worth the drive!

Car dashboard

ALD Automotive’s top of the line vehicles and services are not just about that highway to Paradise City – we stand by our mission to include both quality and innovation in all our services. Our unyielding standards continue to make us the UK’s premiere vehicle leasing and fleet management providers.

Numerous awards from industry leading bodies and publications will speak on our behalf – endorsing the continued development within our business practices and saluting our service excellence.

The Standards

  • Standard ISO 9001 helps organisations to assess the risk and dangers of poorly managed processes. The standard addresses genuine business risks – translating to a more responsible service for ALD
  • ISO 14001:2015 and its supporting standards focus on the environmental management system of an organisation. By following this standard, ALD Automotive achieves strategic business operations, improves the confidence of stakeholders and encourages the environmental performance of suppliers.
  • The UK’s Cyber Essentials encourages organisations to adopt information security systems geared towards protection from cyber-attacks and other online threats.

Not only do we comply with these regulatory bodies; ALD also holds the following awards and accreditations:

BS EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management Standard (QMS)

ISO cert official

This accreditation is about our full commitment to providing a complete service by which the benchmark of quality in the industry is measured. ALD’s first accreditation to BS EN ISO 9002: 1994 was in 1993 and all subsequent enhancements that led to the new BN EN ISO 9001: 2015 were all achieved through our vigilant review and development of business processes.

BS EN ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Standard (EMS)

ALD Automotive gained this accreditation by being mindful of our work activities’ effects on the wider environment. We will continue to apply and develop our management systems in line with the continuous ISO 9001 and 14001 updates, to further sustain a better future.

Cyber Essentials

cyber essentials logo

With the organisational enterprise and corporate IT system’s cyber security covered by our recent Cyber Essentials accreditation in 2015, our top-notch variety of controls include boundary firewalls, secure configuration, access control and other cyber threat protection tools.

Implementing these systems significantly reduces the cases of cyber-attacks and provides reassurance to our staff, investors, insurers and most of all our customers!

ALD Automotive achieved these awards and accreditations due to our strong commitment to the highest quality of service. We are pleased to invite you to experience our commitment to excellence and integrity through our vehicle leasing and fleet management services.


Simply contact us on +44(0) 117 908 2000 to learn more about the benefits of our one of a kind driving experience!

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