A Leased Car Guide: Personal Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

ALD personal vehicle maintenance

ALD Automotive is delighted whenever we supply our customers with vehicles for a pleasant driving experience. To take care of all your maintenance troubles, we know all the tricks in the book – we’ll keep you up to speed!

Here are some Customer Maintenance Reminders for Personal Vehicle Drivers:

Servicing, Maintenance & MOT

Make sure that only authorised dealers perform the service and maintenance procedures on your car. Always remember to update the service history because you will be liable for additional costs should the records be incomplete.

Tyres, Exhausts & Batteries

Take extra care of the tyres, exhaust and battery – they are usually not covered for replacement in the agreement. Always follow vehicle safety legislation to avoid conflicts.

Vehicle Breakdown

In the event if a sudden breakdown, you can always refer to the manufacturer’s handbook to check for any covered provisions. If all else fails, have your vehicle repaired by the authorised dealer.

Windscreen & Glass Repair

For cracked windscreens or windows, these should be replaced by the glass service provider as stipulated by your insurer. Alternatively, you can arrange the repairs yourself, although you will be accountable for any costs.

Vehicle Accidents

If the worst should happen, immediately call your provider for cover assistance. As tragic as it may sound, accident management is not included in the agreement. Follow the process as detailed by your accident management provider or insurer to at least reduce the costs.

Daily Hire & Replacement Vehicles

You could still be entitled to a replacement vehicle in the event of a mechanical breakdown through your manufacturer’s assistance programme, although you will be liable for all costs.

Overseas Travel

AA Fleet Europe assistance provisions cover mechanical breakdown within mainland Europe for 90 days per trip – fees may apply when necessary.

For Personal Contract Hire Customers who wish to take their vehicles abroad, simply notify ALD Automotive prior to the trip and the required legal documentation will be sent immediately.

Road Fund Licensure

  • Always ensure that your vehicle is taxed
  • Additional costs will be recharged with any increase in road tax in the agreement
  • Vehicles over three years old cannot be renewed if the RFL or the MOT is overdue
  • For Personal Contract Hire Customers, ALD manages your RFL online
  • For Personal Contract Purchase Customers, the first year of the RFL is on us; the following annual renewals will then be your responsibility

It always pays to be in the know when it comes to your leased car responsibilities. As one of the most caring vehicle leasing services in the UK, we will continue to keep you posted on everything that concerns and benefits you! For questions or further tips, please feel free to contact us on +44(0) 117 908 2000. We are always happy to help!

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