7 Benefits you can Enjoy with ProFleet2 Telematics

Did you know that every ALD vehicle comes with ProFleet2 Telematics? Learn more about this service in this infographic!

PROFleet2 infog img

ALD Automotive is pleased to supply your newly leased vehicles with award-winning telematics. Designed to reduce risks, improve management control and reduce costs… that is ProFleet2!

As reliable in-vehicle telematics technology, ProFleet2 allows you to access key vehicle data – giving you the benefits of a variety of features that help to enhance the overall driving experience.

Regular Service Reminders

The remote odometer reading and predefined settings enable you to automatically receive service reminders by telephone or email; to keep the engine purring like a kitten.

Automated Journey Logs

ProFleet2 automatically records the journey data for professional and personal mileage at the click of a button. Everything is recorded accurately and in line with HMRC guidelines.

Simpler Fuel Expense Claims

The built-in fuel expense management system can submit a summary of business and private mileage for approval. You can be assured of accurate fuel expense claims and faster reimbursements.

Safe within the Law

The ProFleet2 system categorises journeys to establish areas that will likely cause driving fatigue. This can help you to avoid the risks, adjust your driving habits and even reduce the chances of accidents.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Since it is equipped with a GPS location facility, this can assist the police in the quick recovery of your stolen vehicle. Although not 100% guaranteed, it significantly increases the chances of retrieval.

Measurable Performance and Improved Fuel Consumption

Find tips and tricks on how to drive more smoothly by simply logging onto the website. This can help you to adjust your driving behaviour to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions.

Keeps Your Data Safe

All vehicle and journey data is exclusive to you via the password-protected website. ProFleet2 meets all the requirements of the Data Protections Act 1998 which guarantees that your personal information will only be used for the purposes set out in the agreement.

Telematics technology has been a vital component in fleet operations since 2004 and ProFleet2 has raised the bar even higher for vehicle leasing services in the UK. As one of the key factors that makes ALD Automotive the leading company for fleet management and vehicle leasing, call us on +44(0) 117 908 2000 to drive the ProFleet2 experience today!

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