Good Driving Habits for a Damage-Free Leased Car

Keep in mind these practical tips when driving your ALD leased vehicle – and you need never see a single dent on your car… ever!

Safe and careful driving benefits you, your leased car and the other drivers and civilians on the road. What’s more, it saves on maintenance costs and excess charges when you return the vehicle.

good driving 1

Defensive Driving

One of the best things to remember when you are out and about; look out and take care of others – e.g. other drivers and civilians. If we could all get into that mindset, the roads would be a lot safer!

Watch Out for the ‘Baddies’

As much as you want to take care and be tolerant of other road users, there is always going to be one driver who challenges your patience. It’s probably best to keep your distance!

Avoid In-Car Distractions

good driving img 2

Nothing beats the enjoyment of talking, laughing or fooling around with your family and friends… but not while you are driving. Always keep your eyes in front and concentrate on the road ahead. In-car distractions are one of the most common causes of vehicular accidents – that could cause irreparable damage and not just to your car!

Never Drive When Tired

Make sure you have enough rest. You need to remain alert when you are behind the wheel.

Use Signals

Drivers all over the world have the same nasty habit of neglecting to use their indicators. Failure to signal your intentions is a potentially fatal oversight.

Keep your Distance

good driving 3

Avoid tailgating, especially at peak traffic times. Respect everyone’s space to avoid unnecessary scratches and bumps!

Reduce Speed

When you see road hazards or traffic ahead, ease off the gas right away. You should also take it down a couple of gears when driving in bad weather.

Keep Your Car Finely Tuned, Maintained and Clean

Check the oil, tyre pressure, engine and brakes on a regular basis but especially when you are planning a long journey… and there is no excuse for a dirty car!

Be Wary of Your Blind Spots

One of the most important driving skills to learn, getting a good ‘feel’ for your car’s body and blind spots will be help to keep you out of any scrapes.

Make Sure that all the Car’s Features Work

Make sure that your indicators, lights, seat belts, brakes and everything else is working – and make sure you use them all when you are out on the road!

There are a lot of selfish drivers out there! Don’t become one of them; don’t become another road accident statistic!


Call +44(0) 117 908 2000 for more of ALD Automotive’s safe driving tips and for further information on our vehicle leasing services!

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