Winter Maintenance Tips for your ALD Leased Car

Here are some important winter car maintenance tips you need to remember – and apply!

Winter Maintenance Tips

Trudging through the snow, in a 100-horsepower way; this will surely have you, laughing all the way! Stop…! Driving in the winter weather can be really quite a challenge. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the road ahead… and the potential hazards it may throw your way.

Tyre Check

Wet or icy roads are much easier to negotiate when your tyres have adequate tread. Should you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall, consider using snow tyres – more resistant to the cold and with deeper treads, they assure a much stronger hold.

Oil Change

Engine oil tends to thicken under very cold temperatures; this can lead to a lack of lubrication, causing serious damage. Fill your engine with low viscosity oils, specifically 5W-30 – which is ideally suited to cold weather driving conditions.

Wax Your Car

Give your leased car a good waxing! The added wax will protect the all-important paintwork.

Wiper Blades

Save your wiper blades and windscreen from the icy struggles. Specialised winter wiper blades to the rescue! Combined with a good fluid, they will ensure better visibility as you battle the worrying winter weather woes.

Car Service: Belts & Hoses

Have your leased car professionally checked, especially before and during the cold winter months. Engine belts and hoses become more brittle in the cold, so make sure they remain in good condition.

Use Antifreeze

As the name might imply, antifreeze stops the water coolant system from freezing – preventing interior corrosion. The proper mix of 50% antifreeze and 50% water is ideal in cold weather.

Keep Fuel in the Tank

Always keep her above half full to prevent moisture from building up in the fuel tank. Apart from anything else, who wants to spend a night in the car, stranded in freezing temperatures – because the car ran out of fuel?!

Have an Emergency Kit

Speaking of being stranded; by making sure you have an emergency kit that carries the following items, you might just stop a drama from becoming a crisis:

  • Mobile phone and a charger
  • Hazard warning triangle
  • Hi-visibility vest
  • First aid kit
  • Shovel
  • Tow rope
  • Thick and warm clothes
  • Torch
  • Food and drinks

For more essential vehicle leasing maintenance tips, simply call ALD Automotive on +44(0) 117 908 2000. We are always happy to offer helpful advice to our drivers!

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