How to Choose the Right Oil for Your Leased Car

Right Oil

Now that you are finally behind the wheel of your leased vehicle, it is your responsibility to take care of it – including the basic maintenance procedures such as changing the oil.

Oils vary in viscosity and base compounds that are specific to various engines. Since brands have different engine specifications, you should be cautious regarding what you put in your vehicle!

To help give you a clearer understanding, here are some simple guidelines:

Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

  • 100% synthetic base oil
  • For high-technology engines like those found in Sports or Luxury vehicles
  • Works best in cold temperatures
  • Helps improve mileage
  • Cleans engine and filters deposits
  • Most expensive type of engine oil

Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

  • 50% synthetic base oil, 50% mineral oil
  • For vehicles that are used for heavy loads such as towing or off-loading
  • Good for high temperatures
  • Helps with mileage for older engines
  • Cleans engine and filters deposits

Ester Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

  • Commonly known as group 5 oil
  • Ester is made utilising the reaction of oxoacid with a hydroxyl compound like alcohol or phenol
  • Normally used in high performance and special application racing

Mineral Engine Oil

  • Used for basic engines
  • Easily mass produced – that is why it’s the cheapest alternative
  • Helps to filter deposits

To further understand how these oils are classified, here are the different grades:

  • Group I and II – mineral oils derived from crude oil
  • Group III – a highly refined mineral oil made through a process called hydrocracking
  • Group IV – true synthetic oils; commonly known as Polyalphaolefin (PAO)
  • Group V – synthetic stocks other than PAO’s that include esters and other compounds

Next time you choose a leased vehicle, make sure you check the finer details to ensure its proper care. Call +44(0) 117 908 2000 today and let ALD Automotive help you with your vehicle leasing concerns and other car maintenance needs.


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