ALD Appraisal Considerations before Vehicle Return

ALD Automotive looks after every customer requirement to ensure the utmost vehicle leasing experience. Before we hand over any of our vehicles, we make sure that every box has been ticked.


While it is best to appraise your vehicle against the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Standard, here are some additional tips to ensure the seamless return of your ALD leased vehicle.

Appraise Early

Have your vehicle appraised 10 to 12 weeks before it is due for return. Within this time frame, check the terms of your contract and address any unacceptable wear and tear concerns.

Be Honest

It is worth driving this point repeatedly; yes, always be honest when appraising the vehicle. Have a friend or colleague help you for a more objective viewpoint.

Lighting is Everything

It is best to check the vehicle over in good light. Poor lighting can sometimes mar your vision, so choose a time and place with perfect conditions.

Car Wash

Make sure the vehicle is squeaky clean before you take a look at it – but don’t evaluate the condition right away, as water on the vehicle’s paintwork may mask faults.

Examine Closely


Walk around the vehicle and examine the car’s body closely for significant damage – the windscreens, roof, bonnet and doors. Varying light reflection can also help you to detect dents and scratches. Looking at it from afar to check for damage from a thither perspective is also a good idea.

Go Low

Crouch, kneel or go prone on the front, rear and sides of the vehicle. Almost stick your face to the bodyline to check for possible scratches that may otherwise be easy to miss at first glance.

Turn to the Light

It is also essential to inspect the lamps, lenses, headlights, windows and mirrors for chips, cracks and holes. Also, objectively assess whether the headlights are blurry. You can search for DIY solutions to make them sleek and shiny.

Wheels and Tyres

Inspect the tyres and spares for damage. Make sure that all tyres have minimal wear only. As for the wheels; check for scratches and deterioration.

It’s All about Control

Upon inspecting the controls, audio equipment and accessories, make sure that they are not only clean but also fully functional!

Clean What’s Inside


Last but not the least, do not forget the interior of your vehicle. Make sure you have the seat, carpets, upholstery, dashboard, interior lining and interior vinyl valeted. This will eliminate odours, tears, burns, stains and general wear – keeping it looking as good as new!

Observe and follow these tips and you should be able to avoid any end-of-lease charges… you can even keep the vehicle if you like! Just call +44(0) 117 908 2000 and let us explore your vehicle leasing options with the added luxury of our attractive prices!


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