8 Car Repairs You Should Not Do Yourself

Showing faster and easier ways to do things, do-it-yourself videos are all over the Internet. However, DIY repairs are not always recommended for every situation – especially if it involves repairing your car.

While most car owners can change the car battery or remove rust from the brakes, some repairs should only be executed by professional mechanics. For safety reasons, take a look at the list of car repairs you should never attempt yourself:

DVD Player

You might think that installing a DVD player or radio is easy but it is actually more challenging than it looks. It involves electrical wiring which can be very risky – one wrong connection and you could short circuit the car’s electrics or even cause a fire.

Timing Belt

Eventually, a timing belt needs to be replaced. This process usually requires half of your car’s engine to be disassembled and even the slightest mistake can cause irreparable damage.

Body Work and Paint

Having the panels of your car repainted can be really expensive but it should not be a reason to do it yourself –  you might end up with air bubbles, wet sanding gouges, insufficient clear coats and overspray issues.


Yes, it is possible to replace your own brakes but it is not advisable because it involves many parts including brake pads, calipers, rotors, wheel bearings and brake fluid. Get any of these wrong and you might put yourself and your passengers in danger.


Replacing the dampers can be really dangerous. One wrong move can cause serious safety hazards, sometimes making your vehicle unfit to drive.

Fuel Pump

An extremely sensitive and precise piece of equipment, the fuel pump is responsible for supplying fuel at the correct pressure to the injector in the engine. Incorrect repairs can lead to costly consequences.

Head Gasket

Repairing a head gasket is NEVER a good idea. A professional mechanic usually takes 20 to 25 hours of labour to fix this, so doing it on your own would be overstretching your abilities. The head gasket is also a very critical part of your car, since it seals in the internal combustion process of a car engine and keeps coolant and oil from mixing together. To avoid any permanent engine damage, leave this job to the professionals!


As the heart of your car’s cooling system, the radiator needs to be working correctly or your car will overheat – leading to major engine malfunctions. Wrong practices can cause your engine to blow.

Do yourself a favour and do not risk your life just to save yourself a buck or two… sometimes, It’s just not worth it! Whenever possible, always take your car to a professional mechanic for regular checks. For more essential vehicle leasing solutions, call ALD Automotive on +44(0) 117 908 2000… we are always happy to offer helpful advice to our drivers!


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