How GPS Helps with Fleet Management Efficiency

More and more businesses in the UK – from upscale enterprises to start-ups – have been turning to fleet management to source vehicles for company use. Given the convenience this service can afford, fleet management also saves the company and employees from any overhead expenses.

Leasing companies across the UK are now offering schemes that are tailored to clients’ needs, since customers are looking for cost-effective ways of getting the job done without purchasing a vehicle. Moreover, leasing a vehicle also allows you to return vehicles and upgrade them when the need arises.

Usually with a wide range of upgraded options that can further help your company, leasing enterprises provide vehicles that are equipped with better features such as GPS – which is now necessary to achieve fleet management efficiency.

Saves Time

Knowing where you need to go is beneficial when planning business trips; more so if you are a driver that needs to make a time-pressured delivery. With a good fleet management system, you will be able to help your drivers plan their routes ahead, avoiding high traffic areas and even providing ETAs to clients for assurance.

Reduces Mileage and Fuel

More than saving time, knowing where you are going can also help to lower the mileage and reduce fuel costs. Since leased cars only have an agreed limit for mileage, the risk of wandering around in circles to find a specific location can be avoided.

Monitor Your Staff and Vehicles

Compared to privately owned vehicles, you can monitor the status and location of your leased vehicles if you are under a fleet management system. Upon the release of each unit, you can ask the leasing company for assistance to monitor your leased cars, so you can keep track of all the vehicles under your company. This also allows you to manage your staff and drivers efficiently.

Greater Customer Service

Your customers will be delighted that you can give information such as estimated time of arrival for their delivery or when you are able to respond to their calls quickly. You will also be better able to meet commitments and schedules when meeting clients or during business trips – for time is of the essence!

GPS systems are more than a guide to get you from A to B; they will also help you to make the most out of your leased vehicles. ALD Automotive provides a hassle-free fleet management solution that will suit your needs. Get in touch with one of our advisors today on 03700 011 181… we are driven!

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