The Different Filters Your Vehicle Needs

The Different Filters Your Vehicle Needs

As the name suggests, filters are designed to ‘filter out’ particles that could otherwise cause your car to malfunction. Some drivers overlook these small but significant parts during routine maintenance checks but that is a mistake – as filters are vital to maintaining the overall performance of a car.

Air Filter

This engine filter is used to filter out the air contaminants that can be taken in by the engine for combustion. The quality of the air filter will vary depending on the material used but is should always be changed once a year.

There are three different types of air filter:

  • Paper Air Filter
  • Gauze Air Filter
  • Foam Filter

Oil Filter

The oil filter catches any particles that might be present in the oil, preventing them from flowing into the lubricant. Oil filters should be changed every three years for new cars and once a year for older models.

Fuel Filter

Your fuel filter may vary depending on the fuel your car uses. Its sole purpose is to filter out the residue in the loaded fuel to prevent it from flowing into the engine. Make sure that your fuel filter is checked and cleaned every time your car undergoes a service – it should be changed when needed.

Cabin Air Filter

Quite similar to engine air filters, cabin air filters are oriented for the cabin or the interior of the vehicle. They are meant to prevent the dust and dirt from the outside from entering the inside of your car. It’s advisable to change these filters once a year – they should be replaced at the same time as your engine air filter.

The bottom line… do not neglect the filters in your vehicle! Keeping your leased vehicle in tiptop shape can be quite difficult but more so if you don’t perform the regular maintenance procedures.  For top performing vehicles that guarantee a hassle-free ride, contact the best vehicle leasing service in UK today on +44(0) 117 908 2000.


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