Month: July 2017


7 Tips for Proper Telematics Implementation

More than making your life easier, vehicle telematics is perhaps one of the best investments as it also expands the benefits in businesses. It is a form of telecommunications where information about the vehicle, such as speed and location, are transferred to a remote computer in a company for monitoring. For a successful operation, careful ...


Uncovering Hidden Car Lease Fees

In any form of lease, prices that are too good to be true might make you think twice – are there any ‘hidden fees’ you have not been made aware of? Truth is, they aren’t really ‘hidden’ – but they are only disclosed upon the actual lease or procurement of the car.

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Essential Tools Required to be an Effective Fleet Manager

Fleet Management is not an easy undertaking, especially for a growing cluster. More often than not, fleet managers experience extreme stress due to daunting tasks they need to fulfil – including keeping track of reports, dealing with incidents and thinking (sometimes outside the box) about the vehicle and driver’s welfare.