Essential Tools Required to be an Effective Fleet Manager

essential tools

Fleet Management is not an easy undertaking, especially for a growing cluster. More often than not, fleet managers experience extreme stress due to daunting tasks they need to fulfil – including keeping track of reports, dealing with incidents and thinking (sometimes outside the box) about the vehicle and driver’s welfare.

As the fleet continuously expands, fleet managers must stay abreast of the changes to ensure the company hits its goals:

Records and Timetables

A business is not a business without its records – and keeping them organised can be quite challenging. Make your records easily accessible by storing them in an orderly fashion in filing cabinets. For online files and documents, you can use cloud storage.

For a better workflow, you could also set schedules and timetables and display them where they are easily accessible.


Telematics is a tracking device that gives real time information of the fleet car and driver’s status. Equipped with GPS, drivers can find the best possible route to cut fuel costs, while the diagnostics system will help to recognise any vehicular issues.

With Telematics, fleet managers can keep things under control – as the system promotes time efficiency and more focused monitoring.

Business Intelligence Tools

Typically in the form of an app or a program, business intelligence tools provide fleet managers with information regarding fleet business activities – analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs). They can help to guide fleet managers with their decisions to efficiently navigate the business.

Loud and Clear Communication

More than high tech applications that can come in handy, nothing beats an open and clear line of communication – it not only prevents disputes against drivers and fleet managers, it can also help avoid accidents, too. Tools are now available that can provide two-way communication that can be used every step of the way.

Fleet managers…you are not alone! For more tips and information about fleet management and automotive leasing, please call ALD Automotive on +44 117 908 2000.


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