Top Three Considerations When Choosing a Fleet Provider


If you’re looking for a fleet management solutions provider, it can be a little daunting. With that in mind, ALD Automotive has prepared a guide that will help you choose the appropriate supplier to match your company’s needs.

Can I change the fleet size according to demand?

As flexibility is the key, check if potential suppliers can accommodate a change in fleet size on adjustable packages. As another option, ask if a fixed and a flexible contract may be combined – you will be better able to determine the most economical option for your business and identify avoidable expenses.

What maintenance schedules do you offer?

To ensure that your potential supplier is a good transport management company, it must offer a comprehensive package that includes maintenance and vehicle replacement if required – so that your vehicle maintains its good condition, thus reducing any time spent off the road. Look for a provider who can give you value added services that are not limited to minor maintenance and repair work.

What are the vehicle mileage terms and limits?

Perhaps one of the most essential factors that shouldn’t be overlooked, the mileage limit plays an important role in maximising vehicle use – even if you are not expecting to clock up the miles. An offer might be surprisingly affordable but you should check the mileage allowance thoroughly, as suppliers could set very low limits on their vehicles – exceeding the limit might result in a very expensive deal!

ALD Automotive goes the distance! We give you the greatest options to assure a smoother vehicle funding journey. If you have any more burning questions, please contact the leading vehicle funding solutions provider in the UK today on +44(0) 117 908 2000.


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