Benefits of Online Mileage Capture


The online mileage capture system offers multiple benefits that your business can enjoy.

How does it work?

Online mileage capture is an automated system that requires the user to log in and record details such as the postcodes of a starting point and destination, together with the reason for the journey. Private mileage can also be calculated when drivers record their odometer reading – so they can reimburse the company for private mileage if they are using a fuel card. Drivers can also input mileage via text message or phone.

What are the benefits of online mileage capture?

HMRC Compliance and Accurate Data

With a keen inspection from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on mandatory company records, inaccuracies in the reporting of business mileage data will result in fines. More sophisticated than a spreadsheet, online mileage capture allows you to log precise data that will ensure accurate records and a reduction in admin costs.

Reduced Mileage and Carbon Emissions

Not only with the online mileage capture system assure accurate information, fleet providers have also claimed that it is possible to reduce mileage by up to a quarter with correct records – and this results in a reduction in carbon emissions which helps the company to meet its social responsibility commitments.

Guarantees Duty of Care on Grey Fleet Drivers

For companies who rely on grey fleets for business purposes, the online mileage capture system can assure the company fulfils its Duty of Care towards grey fleet personnel, as it helps to monitor driver activity.

While mileage records might be only one of the many requirements your company is required to register, the careful monitoring and accurate recording of information is crucial – as only then can the online mileage capture system help to achieve noteworthy advantages for your business.

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