Things to Check Before Outsourcing Your Fleet

Things to Check Before Outsourcing Your Fleet - ALD Automotive

With the many benefits that outsourcing can provide, fleet companies are now choosing this management system as it makes fleet operations more efficient – reducing recruitment responsibilities. However, it is only feasible if you take the right approach.

Take a careful look and analyse these points before you decide to outsource your fleet management!

Compare with in-house calculations

Begin by calculating the overall costs of your in-house fleet management – include any hidden fees, as it is important to understand the company’s overall financial situation because no action can be implemented if the budget won’t work.

Compare your findings with the costs of outsourcing, as a partner might be able to provide support with your investment in the expertise, technology and facility requirements.


Essential to easing the workload, the technological capacity must be considered when you are making your decision to outsource. More than asking for an efficient telematics system which can help to manage vehicle records efficiently, don’t forget to check if the outsourcing company provides access to driver behaviour technology so that you may track and improve your operations.

Consider the fleet manager’s value

If your current fleet manager has been responsible for running the operation for a considerable time, you might think twice about outsourcing the management duties. Remember that an experienced manager is already inherent with processes within the operation, like the communication chain of drivers. Passing the responsibility to someone else will not be easy.

Consider the industry expertise

Don’t forget to consider the industry expertise of your future fleet management provider when trying to find the perfect fit. Do they specialise in service and maintenance? Sales fleet? Emergency services? Passenger transport? Make the most of outsourcing and choose a provider that specialises in the area that your business most needs external management – your investment in the provider will always be worth it.

Study the company culture

As fleet companies differ in management preference, company culture is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider before outsourcing your fleet. Some fleet owners believe that it is better to take full control of all operations and departments in the company rather than lose authority to a company that can manage it for them. Moreover, there are some companies which are willing to improve their management through collaborations, so they are likely to allow outsourcing to achieve potential advantages.

Identify if fleet management is a core aspect

Before outsourcing your company’s fleet management, make sure you analyse your fleet to ascertain whether it is a part of the organisation’s core operations. Is it a big priority that needs a partnership with experts in a specific industry? As this is a big decision and a substantial investment, it is important that you only buy into the things you have established the company needs to prioritise.

Deciding whether to outsource your fleet management is not an easy decision to make for any company; however, it can be extremely beneficial if it is carefully thought out. To balance the responsibilities and to follow up on the agreed guidelines, outsourced fleet management will deliver many potential benefits.

ALD Automotive gives importance to your vehicle fleet concerns and understands how crucial decision-making can be. For more questions, please contact UK’s leading company of vehicle funding services on +44(0) 117 908 2000. We are always happy to help!

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