Have a Safe Trip!

Christmas is nearly upon us, so if you’re planning a trip to see your loved ones over the festive period, finding the safest routes to take will be high on your agenda – and rightly so. Although the number of fatalities on British roads has fallen, this isn’t the case for the amount of accidents. With safe travels in mind, here are some key considerations when planning your journey.

Avoid rural roads

Taking the scenic route may seem a pleasant proposition, but if you want to stay safe, it might be worth sticking to the main roads. Accidents are more likely to occur on rural roads than on motorways or other major routes. In fact, half of all fatal vehicle accidents in the UK take place in rural locations.

There are many dangers to negotiate on country roads. Often, the roads themselves aren’t in the best of shape, with potholes or uneven surfaces making driving hazardous, particularly in wet conditions. Although there’s likely to be less traffic, if you do face vehicles head on, especially when you turn sharp corners or travel over dips, the narrowness of roads can be perilous if they try to overtake. With less traffic, drivers may be tempted to put their foot down on the accelerator, yet it’s hard to predict what dangers may be lurking around the next corner.

Visibility may also be reduced, with less street lighting making it more difficult to see objects such as foliage, vehicles coming out of concealed entrances or wild animals running into the road.


Consider a road with speed cameras

Motorists generally dislike speed cameras with a passion, but if you want to stay safe on your road trip, choosing a route that has plenty of cameras along the way can make for a sensible decision. When drivers are forced to stick to the speed restrictions set in place under the beady eyes of the cameras, it means everyone is driving slower and safer. Indeed, research has shown that accident figures can be up to 27% less in areas with noticeable speed cameras.


Sort your apps out

Technology has greatly enhanced the travel experience, helping to provide us with relevant information, as and when we need it, once we hit the road.

If you haven’t yet got Satnav installed and you’re travelling to places you haven’t been before, you may find this really useful for your trip. Crucially, it is far safer to rely on Satnav instructions than peering at road maps that will cause you to take your eyes off the road.

There is also a wide range of apps available that can assist with safely planning your journey. These apps can keep you informed with live updates on hazards, such as traffic accidents and weather conditions, as well as parking information and places to stop for a break.

Of course, the quality of the vehicle you drive will also have an impact on the safety of your trip, so for top-notch vehicle leasing solutions that promote a much safer driving experience, get in contact with ALD Automotive.


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